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The intention behind O is to be in communion with Mother Earth when creating products.

The plants we use are either grown organically on-site or foraged from surrounding forests using regenerative practices.


/rəˈjenəˌrāt/  verb:

~ (of a living organism) regrow (new tissue)

~bring new and more vigorous life to (an area or institution)

~ reformed or reborn, especially in a spiritual or moral sense

Sustainability is about maintaining what currently is, but we all know that in today's environment that is not enough. Regenerative Harvesting goes beyond sustainability by following techniques that allow plants to regrow naturally and encourage biodiversity in our ecosystem. We allow these practices to guide our mission

  • Only harvest what the earth has grown an abundance or excess of

  • Never take more than what we need or can use

  • Cultivate plant regeneration by;

    • Leaving enough for the animals

    • Never taking all from one plant or source

    • Allowing flowers to seed and leave roots to self-propagate

  • Listen and watch for signs from the earth to inspire product creation and production

  • Ingredients that aren't raw plant material are organic & ordered from local providers to reduce environmental footprint and support our community


We don't want to just sustain the earth, we want her and all her relations to thrive!




We believe that if you pay attention, the earth informs us what lies ahead and provides the plants to support our systems throughout the coming times.


Is there an abundance of rose hips growing this year? Maybe it's going to be a dry winter and the vitamin K and hydrating properties from the rose hips will help protect your skin. So we  pick the hips but we leave other plants that may not have produced such bountiful harvest.

It's this theory that inspires our product lines.  Once foraging is complete, we sit and listen. We look at the constituent of each plant and see how they work together, in what way they will be of best use. We do this each turn and release our products in conjunction with the solstices and equinoxes to nourish you throughout the seasons. Just as we eat with the seasons, we believe your skin and soul require the same fluidity, aligned with the ever changing environment.

Given the nature of Regenerative Harvesting, items are limited-release and small-batch, based on the harvest, not on the demand. Some products may be re-created... if the plants tell us to.

Have questions about our practices? we'd love to connect


So what's in a name?

Only everything we stand for.

The O represents the birth-death cycle; taking only what we need and always leaving enough. Enough honey for the bees, enough flowers to turn to seed, allowing the circle of life to regenerate naturally.

The sigil creates 4 quadrants. North and south being a mirror - as above, so below - of a pitch fork used to work respectfully with the earth. While the crescent moons to the east and west complete a full cycle of the moon, continually ushering in new beginnings and then letting go, ever-changing and growing.


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