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/rəˈjenəˌrāt/  verb:

~ (of a living organism) regrow (new tissue)

~bring new and more vigorous life to (an area or institution)

~ reformed or reborn, especially in a spiritual or moral sense

Sustainability is about maintaining what currently is, but we all know that in today's environment that is not enough. Regenerative Harvesting goes beyond sustainability by following techniques that allow plants to regrow naturally and encourage biodiversity in our ecosystem. We allow these practices to guide our mission

  • Only harvest what the earth has grown an abundance or excess of

  • Never take more than what we need or can use

  • Cultivate plant regeneration by;

    • Leaving enough for the animals

    • Never taking all from one plant or source

    • Allowing flowers to seed and leave roots to self-propagate

  • Listen and watch for signs from the earth to inspire product creation and production

  • Ingredients that aren't raw plant material are organic & ordered from local providers to reduce environmental footprint and support our community


We don't want to just sustain the earth, we want her and all her relations to thrive!



We pride ourselves in the sustainability of our company and made no exceptions with our packaging.

Teas and dried herbs are packaged in oxo-degradable pouches that strike a balance between maintaining freshness (reducing product waste) and biodegradability.

Bath bombs and soaps are wrapped in unbleached parchment paper that can be torn up and thrown directly into your compost.

Candles are poured in glass jars that can be reused, recycled or refilled by joining our 'bring back the bottle' program.

Apothecary, Face + Body products are bottled in Biophotonic, Violet Glass to preserve and prolong product life. Read more below.

Biophotonic, Violet Glass

Because our ingredients are all natural and organic with the use of little preservatives, our products will eventually break down. That's why we invest in proper packaging to prolong the life of the product, bottling in Violet, Biophotonic Glass.

Violet glass jars protect, prolong and enhance natural products by filtering the sun's rays perfectly, allowing the beneficial ultraviolet and infrared light in, while keeping the harmful harsh sunlight rays out.

What are Biophotons?

Biophotons are invisible light particles generated by almost all living cells. Our biophotonic glass protects the biophotonic activity of natural products. Preventing the loss of biophotons, withholding their natural goodness, and making preservatives unnecessary. This is no small thing, since many products with preservatives have no bioenergetic value whatsoever. And therefore, are of no value to you or your body at all. Biophotonic glass acts as a natural barrier for energy stored within the product itself by keeping it all inside. This prolongs the natural quality of the product.

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